Frequently asked question

What is Pandle?

Pandle is a nanosilver-infused rubber handle that protects your hand from bacteria on public surfaces and improves your grip.

How does it work?

Simply unfold and insert your hand into Pandle and grip a surface.

How big is Pandle?

Pandle comes in 2 sizes to fit for men and women: Medium (5" x 6") and Large (6" x 6").

Do you ship domestically/internationally?

Pandle offers free shipping to anywhere in the USA, while International orders will incur a small shipping fee.

How do you clean pandle?

The cleaning process is simple and quick: use antibacterial soap and water to wash Pandle, and then pat dry.

Is Pandle Waterproof?

Yes! Pandle will not deteriorate on contact with water or any commercial-grade liquid.

Will Pandle's antibacterial solution run out or evaporate over time?

No. Pandle's nanosilver coating solution is applied during the manufacturing phase and is fully integrated into the product. The solution won't be compromised for as long as Pandle is not damaged.

Is it reusable?

Yes! Pandle is built to be durable and will withstand constant reuse.

What is Pandle Made of?

Pandle is made of rubber with a coating that has been infused with nanosilver.

Can I return my Pandle?

We have a 30 day return policy on all of our products, however products may only be sent back unopen, unused, and in it’s original packaging.

I still have a question. Can I contact Pandle Team?

Of course! Visit our “about us” section for more information on how to contact us.

Is Pandle hiring?

Yes! We are looking for professionals and interns with experience in sales, marketing, and social media! Visit our “about us” for more information on how to contact us.