Weird Bacteria Facts


Here are some weird facts about bacteria collected from an article on Bacteria and Antibiotics. Don’t forget that your Pandle can help you with an surfaces you may have to touch!

The bacteria in your ear increase 700 from wearing your headphones for just one hour.

We’ve seen how devastating oil spills can be. Because of this, scientist are creating a bacteria that enjoys eating oil, which can help clean up those nasty oil spills in a jiffy!

The origins of bacteria back more than 3 billion years, at least on earth.

Bad breath stems from bacteria in the nose and mouth.

Soil and plants would not be able to grow on the earth without bacteria.

Chocolate causes less tooth decay than any type of dried fruit because it stays on the teeth less, which feeds into the bacteria on the teeth.

There are over 600 types of bacteria that have been found on dental plaques.

Humans need oxygen to live, but some bacteria don’t!

There can be anywhere from 10,000 to 10 million different kind of bacteria on each hand.

Wet hands spread more germ than dry hands—1,000 times more! So make sure you thoroughly dry you hands after you wash them.

There are half as many germs on your toilet seat than on your fingertips.

Bacteria from more than 40 million years ago have been extracted and successfully grown from a fossilized bee. What do you think they will be able to make out of your fossil?

When you don’t cover your cough with either your hand or a handkerchief, your cough can travel more than 3 yards.

After using the public toilet, only about 70 percent of people truly wash their hands.

On average, one person can pick up and create more than one million bacteria in a school day.

In just 20 minutes, bacteria can double in number!

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