F Train Condom Makes Another Appearance


Have you heard about the elusive F train condom? If you haven’t, get ready to be scared to ever ride the subway again! There is a used condom on an F train pole. Riders still sit under it. Commuters get smooched into it. Can you imagine being stared down by a used condom your whole way to work?

The Gothamist has been documenting the F train condom travels for a few months. The first sighting was apparently September 24th, which seems pretty crazy. Do the subways even get cleaned anymore?

The MTA says they do in fact clean the trains. The F train condom has actually become a high priority (the MTA doesn’t need any more bad publicity). The MTA spokesman, Adam Lisberg, issued this statement.

This has been brought to the highest levels of the subway system, and our cleaning crews will be on the lookout for it whenever they clean cars at the end of the line. They will also note the car number, and then will try to determine when it was last brought in for a more thorough cleaning.

Subway cars usually get a basic cleaning when they reach the end of the line – sweep up the litter, mop the floor. And while a condition like this should have been caught and remedied, I can understand why cleaners who are focused on the seats and floors would not necessarily have looked up at every grab bar on a 10-car train. Trains go in for a more thorough cleaning at various intervals, but without knowing the car number, we can’t go back and determine its maintenance history.

It’s good to know the subway cards do get cleaned. Who knows, it could be a couple of pranksters as several videos on YouTube suggest. Needless to say, keep your Pandle handy.

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