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Our Story

During his morning commute one morning, Brooklyn native Jason Yakubovich stood on the NYC subway and looked at the moist pole he was holding with his sweaty hand. He asked himself:

How many people touched this pole before I held onto it? How many germs are on my hand right now?

So Pandle was created

Germs Everywhere

In 2013, the NYC subway handled 1.7 billion rides. It's one of the world's oldest public transportation systems - and dirtiest. This phenomenon is not unique to the NYC subway; there are billions of public surfaces that are breading grounds for microbes that can make you sick.

Development Starts

Yukubovich’s team spent nine months crafting the perfect blend of rubber, antibacterial solution, and grip performance for maximum comfort and protection. What resulted is a product Yukubovich is both proud to use and provide to others.

Pandle Funded & Launched

With a final product, Yakubovich launched a Kickstarter campaign in February 2015. The campaign goals were met within a month! Now anyone can use Pandle to protect themselves from germs crawling on surfaces everywhere.

In Depth Look Pandle Handle

Your defense against straight up nasty germs

Available in Multiple Colors

Personalize your Pandle with 5 different colors to choose from (black, blue, red, purple, and green).

Perfectly Sized

Pandle comes in 2 sizes to fit for men and women: Medium (5" x 6") and Large (6" x 6"), both large enough to cover the entire surface of a NYC subway pole beneath your grip.

Designed to Protect

Pandle is made of rubber to help enhance your grip and prevent your hand from sliding. The rubber is coated with a nanosilver solution, stopping even the most resistant bacteria from entering your body.


Pandle costs $6.99 with free shipping!


When not using Pandle, easily fold it into a small square and carry it in a purse or pocket for ease of future use.


No need to trade comfort for protection because Pandle is crafted for your hand to fit comfortably between the handle and grip.


Pandle is designed with longevity in mind. The nanosilver coating will not wear off with normal use, so your Pandle will not lose its effectiveness.


Pandle is simple to clean: just wash with antibacterial soap and water then pat dry.

Start fending off germs - get your Pandle today!

Not only is Pandle affordable, it comes in multiple colors! Click here to buy yours today.

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